AleGr MEMTEST is a compact software utility that has been developed by the developer for the sole purpose of testing the functionality and reliability of the main memory or DRAM of the computer. It is extremely small in size and it is available for free of cost, though it does require a single license of Windows.
It was developed to be used by the technicians of businesses to check the working of the systems they support. In that case, one should note that an installation of AleGr MEMTEST is only necessary on the target computer, the one that needs to be put under test. The program runs from the CMD prompt, so it is a simple matter to run it on a computer that is already switched on, but AleGr MEMTEST should not be used to examine a hard disk or a piece of hardware.
When the program is started it will immediately start the test, without the need for any interaction from the user. The list of various switches allows users to specify the parameters of the verification procedure. Those should be added after the command AlerGr MEMTEST /?.
The following switches are supported by the program:
–Run in minutes
–Name of the area to test
–Capacity of the test area in MB
–Amount of error that will end the test
–Logging of data
–Number of threads to be used for the verification process
–Patterns to be used for the verification
–X86 PC boot codes
–Lenient: If a file is accessed in one of the RAM areas to be tested but that file is not there, it will simply end the test, rather than presenting an error. This is rather useful if a user is running a verification test and the program finds that one of the open files or directories is not accessible, for example if that directory does not exist, or is missing from the file system or it is inaccessible for other reasons. This feature is supported by /LENIENT switch.
The /RUNIN option allows users to specify the amount of time in minutes that the program will take to run the test. The default value for this is 1 minute.
–Am I a PC boot code?
–CPU model or APU Model
–Assembler of the boot code (Arm AS and Arm Thumb)
The program doesn’t provide any configuration or license key but it does require a copy of Windows to be installed on the target computer.
AleGr MEMTEST Features:

AleGr MEMTEST Product Key Full

AleGr MEMTEST is a small application that puts to the test the System Dynamic Random Access Memory, or DRAM in short, up to a maximum of 1024 megabytes. As its name might indicate, it consists of a group of programs that are able to read and write to a portion of the DRAM of the system in order to verify its characteristics and track any anomalies that could be happening.
So, to prevent the DRAM from being overworked, the application will employ a number of different test patterns to check for each of the memory banks included in a typical modern architecture of personal computers. Thus, users will be provided with a granular view of how the DRAM is functioning and how it is expected to perform in the future. This is what AleGr MEMTEST is made for, providing a comprehensive test of the main memory area of the system in an efficient manner.
The program is specially made in order to be as simple and light as possible. Since it is not meant to execute very complex tasks, there is no need to have a specific knowledge of the PC architecture.
This is not to say though that AleGr MEMTEST is not good at checking all the different type of errors that can appear in the DRAM. In fact, there are both time-related errors, like a memory read that does not take place immediately after the read command is provided, and less common, but more serious, bugs that can come from the most innocent of things, like a wrong setting in the BIOS.
Nonetheless, for the most common needs, the tool is able to deal with performance issue that can arise from excessive memory usage, but it cannot be used to track problems like memory leaks or even system lockups.
In simple terms, AleGr MEMTEST is a memory diagnostics tool that can be used to verify the state of the DRAM in both terms of use and performance. This particular aspect of the tool is of crucial importance because the PC RAM can be quite susceptible to a number of issues, especially if the system is not properly updated.
The above discussed memory diagnostic tool can thus be used as a crucial resource to establish a baseline for the test area and subsequently compared in order to detect any irregularities that could arise in the future.
AleGr MEMTEST Command Line Switches:
AleGr MEMTEST can be executed via a Command Prompt window or any other text-based environment.
Here is a list of the most commonly used commands:
[Setup Configuration]:

AleGr MEMTEST Activator

AleGr MEMTEST is simple to use utility designed to check the performance of the main memory by means of a general test pattern that is used to apply stress to the memory. It provides the user with detailed information about the results and also warns him about possible future errors.
Each test pattern consists of a sequence of random numbers and probably the best choice is to pick from a long number to set up the sequence.
AleGr MEMTEST Includes:
AleGr MEMTEST gives the possibility of configuring the test parameters and is as simple as it sounds. With little effort it will become a valuable asset for system administrators and power users.

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1) Remove any external components

What’s New In AleGr MEMTEST?

AleGr MEMTEST was written by René Müller. It is a small and simple tool which was designed to verify the performance parameters of the computer main memory, such as the minimum and maximum sizes and the contents, as well as to detect possible errors. The program is easy to deploy and has a few command-line switches. AleGr MEMTEST is able to run multiple threads at once, so the maximum number of concurrent operations will never go beyond 4.

System requirements:

Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/Vista/7

How to install AleGr MEMTEST:

Run the setup.exe and install AleGr MEMTEST.

AleGr MEMTEST in download file format for Windows:

You can download the registered version of AleGr MEMTEST or you can buy the full version of this program.

AleGr MEMTEST download from the author page:

AleGr MEMTEST was checked for viruses and was found to be clean.

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