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Accessing member-functions with dtype-affects

I try to access a member function of an object dtype-affected by a condition.
class instance:
def __init__(self):

class someObj:
def get_rand_size(self,n):
if self.some_condition(self.x):
return n

Which raises TypeError: get_rand_size() missing 2 required positional arguments:’self’ and ‘n’
So far I have only found access by making the condition member, e.g.
class someObj:
def get_rand_size(self,n):
if self.some_condition(self.x):
return self.x.size

However, I am not sure if this is the correct or generally recommended way. Is it possible to perform an operation like this?
Note that the class is rather big and many more member-functions which need to be accessed in a different situation.


There is a special syntax to pass a function to an object.
In your case, someObj.get_rand_size(n) should do it.
There’s no need to use self.some_condition() as it would be going through a function, not a member function (they’re essentially the same, but there’s a difference for OOP).
Then you need to call it appropriately. SomeClass.some_function(arg) would call the member function.

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