The Autointerlace plugin automatically creates the interlace effect you see on television screens.
Interlacing (sometimes known as scanline graphics) is an effect similar to what you see on a television screen, and is used in modern print media design and graphics to give a “techno” style.







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This plugin allows you to define the interlace pattern you want the plugin to use when auto-interlacing a web page or image. There are two methods:

1. You can edit the interlace pattern in the HTML. This is the simplest method, but does not allow you to have any control over the pattern, and it must be done with HTML only (no JavaScript). This also requires a web browser with support for HTML 5 features.

2. You can edit the interlace pattern in the Plugin. This method allows you to specify a filename with a.jpg or.png extension. This will convert the image and then autoload the interlace pattern from that image.

You can also define a timer that will expire after a certain amount of time, and it will automatically convert the image to interlace when it times out.

You can edit any of these properties using the Property Inspector in your web browser. There is also a little blinking script icon in the Property Inspector that will cause the changes you make to be saved, then the changes will automatically be applied when the plugin is reloaded.

To edit the properties, just click on the icon that looks like a pushpin.

Interlace Pattern

The pattern is displayed in the above window. There are two ways to define the pattern:

1. You can edit the pattern directly here, or…

2. You can use the other script to generate a pattern (see below).

If you use the second option, then the File dialog box will be the same as in the other script. You can choose a pattern from the dropdown list at the top, and then click the Generate button.

When the file is generated, it will open in the Image Editor window.

If you choose to edit the pattern directly here, you will get the same script as the second option.

Note: If you choose to edit the pattern directly, you can still use the “time to load” option.

Time to load

The time to load is the amount of time before the pattern will be loaded. The default value is 300 seconds. You can change this value.


Choose the filename to use.

The File dialog box is the same as the other script. The File list box at the top will be the same as the other script.

Tip: The file dialog box will automatically open in the Save

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December 30, 2007

5:35 PM

i used this after reading about it on your website…its working great!!!




December 24, 2007

4:21 PM

This is a very useful plugin, thanks.




December 9, 2007

4:37 PM

Your plugin works well and has saved me a lot of time, but it always gives me a default green/black/white output, even though I’ve set the colors for this file. I’m trying to make it look more like the colors it’s supposed to be. If you have any ideas, they would be greatly appreciated.Q:

Replace array field with unique values and duplicate array fields with a certain value

I need to replace an array field with unique values and duplicate array fields with a value and convert my array of objects into json format.
My structure looks like this:

Now it should look like this:

Here is my code so far:
function clean_all() {

// get all the objects that have an array with some values
$objects = array();
foreach($this->objects as $object){

if(array_key_exists(0, $object[‘values’]) && array_key_exists(1, $object[‘values’])){

// get all the objects that have the same values
$objects[] = $object;

// remove all the objects that have duplicated values
$new_objects = array();
foreach($objects as $object){

if($object[‘values’][0] == $object[‘values’][1] && $object[‘values’][1]!= “NA”){

$new_objects[] = $object;

// convert the array to json
$new_json = json_

What’s New in the?

Autointerlace generates interlaced video with all the tricks that make the video look like what you see on a television screen. It allows you to quickly experiment with different techniques.

Like the Adobe After Effects animation plugin, AutoInterlace uses a timeline system, with an interface designed to allow you to very easily add or remove specific frames to the timeline.

Additions to the plugin include:

– Reduces wait time while starting up
– Keyframe motion
– Automatic Deinterlacing
– Automatic Blur
– Auto distortion
– Auto White Balance
– Auto Exposure and Exposure Correction
– A bunch of other features!

A fully featured version of AutoInterlace is available as the HD Auto Interlace plugin.


– Adobe After Effects CC
– Adobe CS5 or higher.

Installation Instructions:

1) Open up After Effects.
2) Close any open After Effects projects and empty the trash to free up disk space.
3) Launch AutoInterlace.
4) Click on the green icon at the top of the interface, then select HD Auto Interlace (if you get stuck, hold down the Alt key and press Enter, this will navigate you to the HD Auto Interlace window).
5) Click the Select Plug-in Folder button on the toolbar to browse to the location of the AutoInterlace Plug-in.
6) Click Install.
7) After the installation is complete, restart After Effects.

AutoInterlace Features:

– Auto Deinterlace
– Auto Blur
– Auto White Balance
– Automatic Exposure and Exposure Correction
– Automatic Distortion
– Tricks like Undo, Add a new frame, Play, Stop, Reset, and more
– A set of FX to make your video look like a real TV show
– Add an additional three windows to view the timeline with (Timeline, Individual Keyframes, and the Effect Window).
– A set of FX to customize and enhance the final video
– A bunch of other features!

If you get stuck at any point during the install, please contact me.

If you run into any problems or have any questions about the install, please let me know.

Like Us On Facebook:

About Autointerescolab:

I’m a freelance motion graphics designer based out of NYC. I’ve worked for clients ranging from small startups to large corporations and run a website dedicated to Motion Graphics:

Thanks for letting me know, this has been fixed in a new update of the plugin.

I’ve updated the plugin with a few more tweaks and fixes, hopefully it’s now more stable. Please let me know if you have any further issues.


System Requirements For Autointerlace:

Android 1.5 or later.
Memory 800 MB or more.
Processor Android 1.5 or later.Memory 800 MB or more.Processor
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