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The newest software release for BibleWorks, BibleWorks 10, is here now. If you purchased the BibleWorks 8.0 file and you have activated your.
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You just mouse over the word you want to add the note to and hold the shift key to freeze the word in the User Lexicon. Then place your cursor .
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New Releases – August 17th, 2017

“Grace and Truth,” a Psalm & Prayer from the Heart of Psalm 40

Lord, who may not need to be rescued from the waters, yet will trust you for his life when he is in great peril, and who will not fear the sight of the waters, the depths of the oceans.

There is no such thing as a safe place on the face of the earth. One of the truths in Joshua 1 is that God has given the children of Israel a land that no enemy could take from them, and there is no such thing as a safe place in that land.

There are moments that threaten to overwhelm us, to consume us. There are moments that may be so uncomfortable that we would rather not make it through. But the truth is that we cannot remove that moment, or the fact that we cannot remove it, will provide us with opportunities to learn something that we did not know before.

What are you struggling with? Is it relationship? Is it finances? Is it health? Is it the distance from God, or the degree to which He has provided or you have grown spiritually? Is it your job, or your work? Is it the challenges of life? Are you overwhelmed with all that you have not seen God in, or all that you have not seen God in, so that you try to do

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The BibleWorks 5 Bible Study Guide BibleWorks 5 Bible Study Guide. If you purchase a BibleWorks 5 Bible Study Guide, you will receive a serial.

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Why my BibleWorks 6 isn’t working anymore?. So. Руководство по использованию BibleWorks. Chris Allen, Senior Pastor. Let us take a look at the BibleWorks 9 interface.. if you have a serial code, you’ll need to contact Support and they will…
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BibleWorks 8 is an easy-to-use, powerful Bible study system that helps you study the Bible much easier. It provides you with powerful features such as world-class Bible study and a natural English interface. It also has other great features like the ability to make notes and the ability to analyze your text. Learn more at
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