There are an abundance of types of code the computer can read and interpret, but it usually comes down to numbers. For instance, HEX and binary code can be quite difficult to understand, and even how they are related. Luckily, you can use specialized applications like BiScope in order to learn these interactions and relationships.
Clear display of code values
Although you’re taken through a setup process to ensure the proper functionality of the application, you can also have it deployed directly on a USB flash drive, because it doesn’t make any changes to registry entries. Note, however, that the target computer needs to be fitted with .NET Framework for everything to go as planned.
The main window holds most of the functions you need. There’s a dedicated slot for each type of code as well as an output console which displays the calculus done in order to obtain the result. As such, you get to learn about binary, hexadecimal, octal, and decimal codes and how they interact with each other.
Easily learn how code values relate
You can work on several levels to better understand code relationships. It’s easily possible to switch from 4 to 8, 16, 32, and 64 bits, and each highlights one or more groups of numbers. Corresponding bits of code are highlighted, and the output sheet updates in real-time as you modify values.
The output sheet can display calculus in either hexadecimal, octal, or decimal notations. Additionally, you can add individual notes to your work. Although there’s no option to export values, it’s possible to send any of the bits of code to send to the clipboard in case you manually need to save something.
On an ending note
Taking everything into consideration, we can state that BiScope is sure to come in handy if you’re just now experiencing work with hexadecimal, binary, octal, and decimal code values. It comes with an intuitive interface, while values update in real-time, helping you nearly understand code relationships.







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BiScope is a powerful hex calculator and debugger with code, data, and free-form clipboard support. Calculate or simulate your code during debug; edit and analyze instructions, data and addresses; select and move 16 or 32-bit hex data or memory addresses; and copy as a buffer for pasting into other Windows applications.
BiScope Features:
Data and code windows in one interactive window;
Simultaneous calculation and display;
Addressing mode;
Edit mode: change and display 16 or 32-bit hex data and the memory address thereof;
Enumerate bytes;
Sort data with and without addresses;
Add-on keypad support;
Copy the result as a buffer for pasting into other Windows applications;
Command line utility;
Toolbar for multiple windows;
Windows for running and debugging application programs;

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BiScope is a free hex editor and debugger. It supports HEX, BINARY, and DECIMAL types and has the ability to highlight bits. It provides powerful logic to find and extract data using Visual Basic and C# language features. It is also one of the fastest and the fastest hex editor for Windows that works with all versions of Windows. You can compare binary strings, extract passwords, crack or decrypt passwords or passwords stored in text files, debug programs or scripts, and many more. It also offers many advanced features such as command line options, file search, auto match, find other files, regular expression,.dll support, Windows clipboard, drag and drop file support, and text to text control.
Features of BiScope hex editor and debugger:
Brute Force: You can use this feature to find passwords in HEX, BINARY, and DECIMAL files. It is very effective if you have a large number of passwords stored in HEX, BINARY, and DECIMAL files.
Numeric Comparison: This feature is very effective for comparing two HEX, BINARY, and DECIMAL files. You can use it to compare any two numbers.
Data Options: It is extremely easy to change data type to HEX, BINARY, or DECIMAL. You can set any base.
User to User HEX, BINARY, and DECIMAL Comparison: You can also compare two users password or vice versa. It is extremely useful if you need to compare password between two users.
Data Decrypt: You can use this feature to decrypt password stored in HEX, BINARY, or DECIMAL files.
Set Password Length: You can use this feature to set maximum password length. This is effective to prevent hacking.
Search File: You can use this feature to search file in folder. It can search many files and folder at once.
Search Texts: This feature allows you to search texts in HEX, BINARY, and DECIMAL files. It can find phrases in different languages.
Search RegEx: You can use this feature to search REGEX in HEX, BINARY, and DECIMAL files.
Command Line: You can use this feature to run HEX, BINARY, and DECIMAL files in Command Line without opening editor.
Path Type: You can use this feature to find password files in HEX, BINARY, and DECIMAL files

BiScope License Key

BiScope is a powerful app that combines the function of a computer algebra system (CAS), a graphical editor, a calculator, and a hexadecimal, octal, and binary converter all in one. As such, you can do with it all the usual calculations without having to learn their underlying codes. The main window is split into two panels: left shows editors, right has the calculator and converter. In order to work with all values, you get dedicated console windows.

Basic Features
All the values are displayed in decimal form, showing only 8 significant digits. As such, when using smaller values, you can have up to ten decimal places displayed. However, BiScope displays the values you’re working with in a decimal form, as well. In order to handle such, you get dedicated edit modes for decimal values, as well as rounding, rounding-to-zero, and truncating modes, which round, round to zero, and drop the first or the last digit, respectively.
Besides working with decimal values, you can also work with hexadecimal, binary, and octal numbers. As such, you’ll instantly understand the basic workings of these different codes.
Graphical Editor
The editor can be set to suit most needs, with the numbers being displayed either in decimal, hexadecimal, octal, or binary forms. As such, you get all the usual features such as changing fonts and colors as well as functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponentiation, root extraction, negative numbers, prime factorization, greatest common denominator, and modular calculation.
Additionally, you can also sort numbers based on their binary, hexadecimal, or decimal value. It’s also possible to set the type of rounding when using the decimal editor. As such, you get a choice between truncating, rounding, and rounding-to-zero, displaying significant digits after the decimal or after the zero, and off mode, rounding to zero and dropping digits as well as decimals.
Moreover, you can work on several values at the same time. As such, you get dedicated windows for different values. When working on 32-bit values, you get dedicated windows for the 8 lower bits, 16 low bits, 8 upper bits, and 16 upper bits.
BiScope comes with a calculator built-in. As such, you can do virtually any calculation without having to switch to another app, but

What’s New in the BiScope?

BiScope is an easy to use software program that uses graphical symbols to display HEX and binary codes. It supports both x86 and x64 Windows versions and can be used for programming, multimedia, and debugging purposes.
BiScope does not modify any system settings or perform any other modifications to the operating system.
One can also use the program’s key-finder to determine exact keys on a keyboard.

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System Requirements For BiScope:

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