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The suspense thriller film which revolves around the plight of an underground trader who falls in love with a police officer and turns his back on his profession.
Charlie is a 2015 Indian romantic comedy film directed by Martin Prakkat and written by Shebin Becker. Released on 11 January 2015, it stars the duo who had previously worked in parallel with Nyayattyathu Munnani[2011] and Chandramukhi [2013] with Indian actress Roopa Ganguly..
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Charlie (2015) is a Malayalam film directed by Martin Prakkat and produced by Joju George and Shebin Becker. It features Roopa Ganguly and Nivin Pauly. The film was released in Kerala on 11 January 2015.
Charlie Tutt is a suspense thriller film directed by. Watch full movie online. Malayalam Movie Charlie Charlie Malayalam Movie Torrent Download 2016.
Song: Charlie (2015) Malayalam Video Song Download. charlie. Actors:. Roopa Ganguly,. Synopsis:.
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Charlie, Malayalam, TH01, C0l1u1ze: Malayalam Movies 2015, YouTube, Watch

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