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Also the grooves are very tight, so you cannot use silicone.
If you prefer to use silicone, you could put a PVC tube or different material between the metal and silicone to protect it.
the machine is now clean and I will make a new video to show you more..
Once you have cleaned the machine, you can start the cleaning with the.
you can find the videos I made for you on my channel.
or this YouTube playlist.
=== Бойкое покрытие ===
Depending on the nozzle and the sewing thread.
A transparent, light-colored surface on the upper side will look more professional.
However, with the included steel nozzle and the silk sewing thread, use a white surface.
The white surface will look more professional.
additionally, you can use the same method for other accessories such as a cord or decorative cover.
=== Бойкое отсечение ===
Whether or not to remove the white cover, and what to use to remove it.



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