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easySync is an easy-to-use application designed to help users keep a copy of important folders. The application has been built to make the most out of features like file and folder monitoring, immediate backups, customizable timeout, and more.

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EasySync Crack Download [Latest 2022]

For frequent upload of data into the cloud, or to migrate the content of an archive, it’s advisable to have an application which can automate the whole process. Having a quick and reliable solution at hand, is sure to make things a lot easier than ever.
With easySync Cracked Version, you can set up a single task to be automatically carried out on a regular basis, or in case of a specific error. The ‘Monitor Folder’ window features drop-down menu which will allow you to quickly pick the folders you want to monitor, and the application will tell you about the current state of the monitored folders.
If you need to initiate the task right away, easySync will be able to pick a folder for you, and the application will do its best to copy all the content of the source to the destination. However, if the sources are either empty, or contain only files of no interest, easySync won’t be able to copy anything from the source.
All source folders will be monitored, but only a single destination is provided, and changes to the source can’t be synchronized. However, with the ‘Backup Archive’ option, you can pick a custom path for a backup archive, and the application will automatically remove itself after a certain amount of time.
The application can be minimized to the tray area, and you’re free to bring it back up to add or change tasks. EasySync is ad-supported, and features free upgrades which should keep the application current.


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EasySync License Code & Keygen [Latest]

With the main window up, all that’s left to do is start creating a task. Sure enough, most of the main window space is empty, but it’s not difficult identifying the button to add a new task, and it’s soon to get filled with a list of all items to be processed.
Drag and drop has no effect here, so you need to use the browse dialog in order to pick a source folder, as well as a destination. Subfolders are targeted by default, so you need to make sure only data of interest is found in the source.
Good, but far from being a pro
Monitoring type is selected from a dedicated drop-down menu, but you have little control over the process. In other words, you can either configure the application to start tasks on startup, once every few hours, or immediately, for a one-time sync process. What’s more, a task can’t be forcefully initiated once configured.
Just in case something can go wrong in the transfer process, the application can be used to create a backup archive to a second destination. With default configurations, the backup archive automatically removes itself after a custom amount of time, which can be as long as a whole year.
You’re free to add multiple tasks, and leave them to start at the configured time. The application can be minimized to the tray area, from where you can bring it back up to change tasks, or pause all connections.
In conclusion
All in all, it’s always a good idea to keep an extra copy of important files and folders, and you can effortlessly achieve this with easySync. Although monitoring types, and automated backups make you feel a little limited, and there’s no option to initiate a task right away, it’s worth a try overall.

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What’s New in the?

Last one, but not least! EasySync is one of the simpler ones out there. Its idea is pretty simple, the program will look for files and folders, find out which folder has changed and copy the content from the source into the destination folder.

It doesn’t require a connection to the Internet or remote server to upload the data, only local folders are supported.

You can chose between a daily, hourly and one-time transfer of content.

There’s no configuring involved, just drag and drop folders or files and start copying, no parameters to fiddle with.

You can easily create several tasks, create backup archives and stop transfers at any time,

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