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Mohsen Veisi (; born February 25, 1960) is an Iranian-American. Ravi Kalakota (born November 30, 1939) is an Indian-American.
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Now I don’t typically love board games but when it comes to any sports game something about a ball gets me excited. Games like American Football, soccer, baseball, you name it! I still remember my friends and I being nerdy little kids pretending to be the football players on the garage football field. As of late I have been getting back into sports games because of the surge in sports simulation games that come out and remind me of my childhood with the unique feeling of playing on a game system. Blood Bowl has got to be the best board game I have ever played and I don’t know why I have not been playing it sooner.

Blood Bowl has up to 6 teams battling for supremacy of the pitch in high fidelity and 3D. With teams like The Manticore’s Teeth, The Ogre’s Ogre’s, The Nightengale’s Ocelot and The Orcs, they certainly have something to be proud of. Players can take up either a fantasy team or a team from the world of football where the fantasy side is player made and the professional side is player created. Teams can create characters with special abilities, players can build their teams and use their special skills to get ahead of the competition. The players create their fantasy team and then attempt to control the team just like an RPG. The players can also create their own custom teams and there are over 100 teams to choose from.

The game play is simple with 3 phases of “Midweek Game Day:” Practice, Reserve Draft and Regular Season. Practice is when the players build their players and assign them to their characters. During Reserve Draft