“HyperMotion Technology unlocks a new level of strategy, understanding and realistic movement when you play FIFA,” said Alex Kaiser, game director at EA SPORTS. “This level of accuracy provides more opportunities for players to use the ball at their best, whether playing one-on-one, team play or long passes.”

This feature was introduced as an exclusive addition for Ultimate Team players and also offers a new level of depth, accuracy and detail for FIFA Ultimate Team players to create, manage and manage their players.

FIFA 22 brings a host of new features, including:

New Details for Players — Increased accuracy, intelligence and intelligence to create realistic looking players and players with more detail, which leads to better gameplay.

Improved Visuals — Teamed with EA SPORTS Ignite, FIFA 22 brings players an unprecedented level of detail and visual experience.

New Be A Pro Video Experience — An all-new, brand-new mode that allows players to step into the uniform of any real-life player and experience a real-life match, complete with commentary.

New Online Leagues — A new global online league format for every club, with competitive and enjoyable gameplay for both casual and dedicated FIFA players. New coaching system, written in partnership with U.S. Men’s National Team head coach Jurgen Klinsmann and the National Training Center (NTC).

Satellite Tracking — The capture of GPS data allows players to see their position on the field accurately. This helps them see the gaps and calculate passes with more accuracy than ever before.

Estimated Shot Accuracy — Estimate the accuracy of their shots from new control over the position and direction of the ball after the kick to help make better decisions in attack.

FIFA Ultimate Team — Players will also have an “EA SPORTS Ignite” item that will allow players to enhance and bring out the attacking potential of their existing players.

Additional Features:

Touch controls for easy and accurate gameplay across all platforms

Playstation®4 exclusive 1:1 Pro Player Battles

Dive & HoG with new dive, chop and dive animations and control for players to make more authentic, dramatic and exciting high-intensity headers.

To learn more about FIFA 22, visit FIFA.com, or download a game, visit the FIFA stores on Xbox Live, PlayStation®Network or Xbox.com. The game is rated E


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Completely redone engine brings a crisp, clean and responsive gameplay.
  • New features and modes of play, including FIFA Ultimate Team and new Player Choose Your Attitude for Career Mode.
  • With over 200 leagues and 68,000 real-life players, FIFA 22 delivers authentic and diverse teams across every country and league.
  • New gameplay tweaks, including Dribbling: Circle the Ball and Tactical Defending.
  • New penalty shootout with player surprises, player upgrades and penalties.
  • FIFA Mobile with Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League, Manchester City in the FA Cup, and all UEFA Euro 2020 qualifiers.
  • Nigg Player Ratings.

Exclusive Features:

  • New Player Choose Your Attitude: Tackle, Pass, Shoot, Headbutt.
  • New formation, customization and tactics.
  • Evolved skills: Throw, Shoot, Pass and Dribble.
  • Revamp of Score and Goalscoring.
  • Full pass and dribble control.
  • Last man standing system in the last 10 minutes of games.
  • Control your players’ stamina levels and hunger levels and keep them up all game long.
  • Messi: Quick Reaction Thirsty Attack, the best new dribbler in FIFA history

The on-point FIFA Season Pass includes:

  • Player Combine
  • Player Paths
  • Unique Items
  • Monthly and Yearly digital items


Fifa 22

Enjoy the artistry of soccer.
Enjoy the majesty of football.
Enjoy the game.

FIFA is the leading sports game franchise. FIFA is the leading sports game franchise with a collective total of over 200 million accounts worldwide and is one of the best-selling sports video game series of all time.

Features at a Glance:

Powered by Football™ — EA SPORTS® Fifa 22 Cracked 2022 Latest Version is inspired by true soccer, with advanced attributes that are based on the beautiful game’s core values of movement and ball possession – a hallmark of football.

Focus on Team — Experience the power of authentic team play and squad depth as you guide your favorite club on a path to the ultimate UEFA Champions League trophy.

Delivering Pro Clubs Worldwide — FIFA™ 22 features over 80 authentic club contracts, each with its own authentic atmosphere and kits. Players and coaches are fully customizable in-game, presenting players with teams and shirts that reflect their unique style.

Selectable 2018/19 Kits — Experience the season in four different styles, reflecting the changes in venue, weather and time of day. Choose the look for your match, and even choose to have your players wear customised adidas™ kits in real-time.

Exclusive Leagues & Leagues Expansion Packs — Each season, new leagues and fan-favorite leagues are added, delivering an unparalleled experience for football fans everywhere.

The Journey Begins — Discover all-new Journey modes with new challenges and goals in The Journey. Continue your journey through the World Club Championship, FIFA Club World Cup™ and in the new adventure Covert Ops.

Moments of Magic — Experience the thrill of the sport at its most intense as gameplay changes to create moments of pure magic.

AI Improvements — AI players stay in position longer when out of possession, and feint a greater range of moves as they switch into a new role.

Powered by Football™, EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 brings the game even closer to the real thing with fundamental gameplay advances and a new season of innovation across every mode.

What is FIFA?

Enjoy the artistry of soccer.

Enjoy the majesty of football.

Enjoy the game.

FIFA is the leading sports game franchise. FIFA is the leading sports game franchise with a collective total of over 200 million accounts worldwide and is one of the best-selling sports video game series of all time.

Powered by Football™ — EA SPORTS FIFA 22


Fifa 22 [2022]

Unleash your creativity and take your favorite players to new heights. With a deeper player progression system and completely revamped team editor, the new FIFA Ultimate Team creates the most immersive football gaming experience to date.

Training Mode –
Train your favorite team with a complete team management system, including training sessions, tactics, bonus features and much more. Get the training wheels off and unlock the real power of the game as you take charge of your team and your club.

Matchday –
Compete in more than 500 official leagues in over 70 countries for the chance to qualify for Europe, Asia and the Americas. Compete in competitive matches, look for new challenges in the weekly events, and compete with millions of other FIFA fans around the world in global leagues.

Real Player Motion –
A revolutionary 2-year FIFA development partnership with EA SPORTS and Pirelli, FIFA is the first sports videogame with real player motion. Feel the bumps and tackles on the pitch with more than 2,000 sounds, more than 130,000 animations, and a variety of new visual effects, all while competing with the realism of the top sports videogame.

Ultimate team –
FIFA’s most popular in-game feature, Ultimate Team brings the authentic league play of real football to the virtual field with real footballers, real teams, real players, and real leagues. Ultimate Team is the only way to earn FIFA points and purchase extra players.

Replays –
Watch matches in incredible new detail, slow motion or frame-by-frame, or view the action from a whole new angle with the new Replay Hub. Live out the moment by browsing, saving, sharing, and filtering over 40,000 game footage options.

Career Mode –
Play out your Pro’s career, where you rise up through the youth ranks and play with, or against, the best in the world. Manage your players, manager, and club as you forge your path to the top.

Designed by FIFA’s top soccer simulation experts, FIFA 21 delivers all the excitement of the Champions League, the passion of the Barclays Premier League, the skill of the UEFA Champions League, and all the drama of the UEFA Europa League.


Live the Game – FIFA 21 does what no other soccer game has ever done. All the drama and excitement of the global game of football are brought to life through the most realistic, authentic audio and visual features,


What’s new in Fifa 22: