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* The voice of Roblox lets you save time while programming your game.
* Use ‘PlayScript’ to tell your game what to do.
* Edit pages, sounds, and scripts with a graphical editor.
* Create custom object types, or prototypes that you can reuse.
* The Roblox programmable platform is completely FREE.
* Games can be monetized through optional in-game purchases, virtual currency, advertising, or player subscriptions.
* Create games for Roblox on many different devices, including computers, tablets, and phones.
* Roblox is designed for kids and teachers, not just children.
* Play with your friends, meet new people, and explore with millions of others.
* Roblox is available in many different languages.

Roblox Description:
Have you ever wanted to develop your own game for the Roblox platform? Now you can! Not only can you make your own games, but you can also program your own special Robux with which to buy your games! In this Roblox tutorial, you will learn how to get started with the Roblox platform.

Roblox comes with a free programming language called Lua. This program is powerful in that it enables you to draw games and create virtual worlds quickly with a simple visual interface. The language isn’t perfect for everyone, though. Those who have worked with C++, Java or Python, for example, would not be able to understand the code as easily.

Roblox is a platform where you create games which can be played by people and other robots. Instead of having to pay for the items you want to buy, you use Robux, which you can earn using games you’ve created.

If you like Roblox, check out this Roblox Paired List which has tons of cool stuff.

Roblox Description:
Are you a fan of Roblox? Are you looking to put together your own game? Learn the basic steps to get started! In this Roblox tutorial, you will learn how to get started with the Roblox program and how to make your first game on the Roblox platform. You’ll learn the basics of Roblox, learn how to make your first game, and even learn the basics of programming!

How to find your friends on Roblox without cheating.
How to find the people in your area on Roblox without cheating.


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There are a ton of cheat codes and game tips and tricks to optimize your game performance. Nothing will even make you happy as a Roblox player unless you cheat. In-game tips and codes are a great idea to make your game experience more enjoyable.

Roblox already offers a lot of cheat codes and tips for players to optimize their game experience. These cheats were tested a bunch of times in the game to guarantee you can use them with 100%. The cheats and tips will be uploaded here shortly. Hopefully this tip is the answer to all your needs. Be sure to check out our gallery of the best cheats ever.

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After a period of excellent sales, regular retail sales of the Wii U have now plummeted. If the fifth generation of home consoles’ sales is any indication, the Wii U needs to work hard to ensure their future.

We have previously commented on the Nintendo 3DS’ declining sales, Nintendo’s product cycle is also coming to an end.

Wii U Sales ‘Plummet’ to ‘Zero’

As reported by Bloomberg, Nintendo has announced that they have sold a total of just 5,000 Wii U consoles in the last three months.

The last month was September 2013, which means that its sales have also peaked. They have sold only two million Wii U units since the device launched, which in itself is poor news. The Wii U is an excellent game console and its marketing has largely been strong, but much of the industry’s attention is now on the PS4 and the Xbox One.

While the Wii U’s sales have dropped, the price cut didn’t make a huge difference. Nintendo cut the Wii U’s price by $80, a move which was criticised by some.

‘A Lot’ to Do

It is unclear how many Wii U sales Nintendo could have made, but the low figure is not encouraging. There was a sense of hype and excitement around the Wii U at launch, but Nintendo had themselves to blame for that as there was so much confusion surrounding the console. Sales are down now, and little is being done to increase them.

The problem is that there is a lot Nintendo can do to bring people back to the Wii U. The good news is that the Wii U can do a lot. Nintendo has three consoles on the market and that is a lot. It is by no means the only game-console on the market, but it is by far the most prominent one.

What Nintendo Could Do

There are many things they could do to improve the Wii U’s sales. Nintendo could provide more games for the device. They already have a good one – Pikmin 3 – but it is


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