Job seekers want to know and it’s easy to show them. Now, you can add photos to your Company Page on Indeed to give people an inside look… Each company’s page may look a little different, but the general layout should be similar.

  • In addition, Indeed does not have control over candidate behavior such as not showing up to interviews or not replying back to employers.
  • If you’re willing to speak to us further and confidentiality please email us at
  • I’m getting sick of these online employment agency’s trying to make money by selling something a person doesn’t want.
  • I had never been in such a situation before; hopefully, I never will be again.
  • Indeed is huge on its employees being excited about change and willing to tackle change.
  • The information provided is from their perspective.

Somebody should terminate this website. Thanks for sharing your valuable story on the Search Quality team in Austin. While we are growing at a rapid pace, we still want and need our employees to ask for help and provide feedback to and about their manager.

Over 100,000 People Missing In Mexico: Data

Shoot us a note at and we will do our best to get you the info you need. At a fast-food chain, for example, you could find both an hourly crew member position as well as an opening for upper-level management.

indeed company reviews

Try to understand which elements of their experience they found negative and measure those against what you need in an employer and workplace. Out of all the applications I have filled out on Indeed this was the first time someone had approached me and it was by a scammer. I copied and paste what he wrote me so others could beware. After I asked him to give me a call and his web site information he no longer emailed me back. I googled indeed reviews just to see if anyone had been through what just happened to me and its a shame.

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We’re thrilled to read your comments and wish you all the best during your career #insideindeed. Our market rates are evaluated twice a year, and are adjusted as needed to remain competitive in each market we hire in. That being said we appreciate our rates may not be reflective of what you feel they should be! If you have any further feedback or questions around this please reach out to your local HRBP who will be happy to discuss this with you in more detail. We’re disappointed to read about your experience and would like to address your concerns.

indeed company reviews

According to the SilkRoad Technology Source of Hire Report 2018, they are the #1 external source for hire. As a job seeker, is uss express legit there is no reason not to sign up and toss your hat into the ring of a seemingly endless amount of job postings.