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• Your business system is simple, but strong
• A powerful tool for enterprise management
• The application is completely scalable
• The software is designed for complex businesses with many departments
• Easy-to-use interface
• Modular structure that enables you to install only the components that you require
• Easily install the applications
• KMS Authentication for access to the system and network
• New templates for each month
• A wide range of financial reports
• Automatically customize the application’s interface
• Easy connectivity to other systems
• You can install the application on Windows and Linux
• SMS notifications
• Special reports for lawyers, accountants and inspectors
• You can obtain your licenses from one of our partners around the world
• Send notifications with images and sound
• With the application you can control all the entrances of the premises
• CRM component for complex business management
• Easily generate your invoices and orders
• Modular application structure
• Setup the system for your warehouse/premises
• Multi-language
• You can create multiple users
• Web portal
• Centralized access management
• You can create unlimited networks
• Multiple integrated business solutions
• Dashboard
• You can create components based on the features offered by the system
• You can perform updates via the Internet
• You can download support documentation
• The software is a web application
• Templates and documents




Does Komendant support the Digital Signature Option?

Yes, the Komendant is the only solution from our company that can implement digital signatures.

Q: How can I control a machine that has been installed in my network using the Komendant application?

A: One of the functions of Komendant is Remote Monitor. It enables you to access the network device from a remote location. You can also monitor traffic transmitted on the network.

Q: How can I create a user password?

A: Using the Komendant password is limited to the administrator user, this feature is available only by the license.

Q: How can I configure a logon and password?

A: To change your user and password, enter the login information (User name and Password) on the Komendant page and click Change Password.

Q: How can I update Komendant?

A: To update your Komendant, you need to contact our support team. You will receive the instructions

Komendant [Win/Mac]

Komendant is the perfect tool to manage business activities, to calculate inventories or financial reports, and to track your activities.
Organize appointments, project tasks, business partners, customers, orders, products, etc
You can also use it to monitor and control various locations around your business.

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* Business applications for small and medium businesses.
* The main purpose of the program is to track and control your business activities.
* Supports many types of business activities:
• Accounting
• Inventory control
• All types of financial reports
• Invoices and payments
* Take advantage of Komendant features such as:
• Contact management
• Employee management
• Accounting reports
• Other options that may be useful for you.
* Komendant functions with Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, as well as with MS Access databases.
* You can also support integration with third-party applications such as:
• Bank integration
• Accounting applications
• Warehouse management
• Automated payment
* Komendant offers a large number of options, which allows you to have full control of your business activities.

Bulk SMS Manager is a dynamic user interface designed to manage all the data related to your SMS campaigns. The software offers the user a window where all necessary settings for a single text or a group of messages can be adjusted. It also enables you to receive, send, and monitor all operations in real time. The software can be configured to suit your needs and preferences. The program will be useful to media companies and account managers who have to send messages to clients. You can also use it to broadcast advertisements, promotions, and invitations to different events and celebrations.
Bulk SMS Manager Features:
1. Send, receive, and monitor all your SMS messages.
2. Create and manage multiple SMS accounts.
3. Integrate SMS messages with other applications.
4. Send bulk SMS messages.
5. Generate reports for SMS campaigns.
6. Configure the interface to your liking.
7. Easy to use and requires no coding knowledge.
8. Batch SMS conversion is available.

As with Web data that resides on remote servers, the number of web sites that are available via the Internet will continue to grow exponentially. For any kind of business, it is becoming increasingly important to have a way to monitor this data in real time. There are a number of programs, most of which are free, that let you do just this. The WebBrowser System monitors a number of web sites and updates an alarm message if the data does not load correctly. When a site is unavailable, a text message is sent to your cell phone. WebBrowser System can be used to monitor your home, office, or Internet connection. WebBrowser System also includes

What’s New In Komendant?

Key Features:
Komendant is a product with a powerful and easy to use interface which allows you to manage all of the systems that you need to manage your business.
Komendant is a product with a powerful and easy to use interface which allows you to manage all of the systems that you need to manage your business. The integrated aspect of the application means that no matter how many systems you have in place, Komendant will help you to manage them efficiently. It also means that you can unlock additional advanced features to gain access to features which would normally be out of your reach.
An additional benefit of Komendant is the fact that it is fully scalable. This allows you to add extra users, systems, and services as your needs grow, without having to upgrade the whole system.
Komendant is an excellent piece of software that suits all of your management needs. So get your Komendant today – no matter what size or type of business you have. It’s the most powerful, efficient and user friendly way to run your business and it’s the way to achieve your goals.
Getting Started:
Komendant (version 2.2) is a free to use product which is available on the Microsoft Windows server and on the Apple Mac OS X.
The program can be downloaded for free to any location where you can access the Internet. Once the application is downloaded, you will need to move the executable files into the directory where your company applications are installed. Within the Komendant interface, there is a menu option to add the application to the system.
Getting Started:
If you would like to purchase the program, please click on the icon at the right of the article. Your application will be emailed to you within minutes.
Thank you for reading this article! We would love to hear from you regarding the application. All comments and suggestions are welcome!

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