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LogPA Cracked AccountsLogPA can log up to 8 different radio bands simultaneously and where applicable can sync the log with a band scheduler.


I personally like Radioshark for logging.


There is a small log program in the repo named TKLog. It includes a logviewer GUI for TKLog, a very simple and easy to use logfile viewer that can be started from the command line.


Using yum.repos.rhel.io/mirrorlist, what is the order for the mirrorlist mirrors?

I’m trying to set up a mirror of the RHEL repository using the mirrorlist file from the repository.
What is the correct order for the mirrors in the mirrorlist.rhel.io/6/mirrorlist?
What I see are the following entries:
[ centos-cloud-base ]

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Capability: You can enter Xm in the param(s) of each button, and LogPA will save the file to %appdata%\LogPA. You can then later retrieve all the button data from LogPA’s folder by importing it into whatever logging program you use. Note that it does not store station location, power or Rx information. Thus, if the station number changes, you have to manually reimport it into the LogPA folder to show the correct data. The radio should work as well as it would if you were there with it (only change in the ID will show up as the name of the button, not the frequency you are on). The LogPA is NOT designed to support the Pentronics DXCC lists; LogPA handles station ID names, not station identification numbers. To see the current DXCCs available for you to work, please refer to the DXCC lists on xmradioamateur.org.


Easy to use

Multiple button management

Optional (when running as a console-only program) graphical interface (opts.h/opts.c) for easy use and configuration

No existing XM files to keep track of, only button IDs (which will change depending on the radio in use)

User-defined location to keep LogPA data files (be sure your PC won’t delete these on its own)

Get LogPA

If you download LogPA, you’ll need to install it first. To do so, simply extract LogPA to a folder on your PC. You can do this by double-clicking the LogPA file after you’ve downloaded it, or by right-clicking the file in your downloads directory and selecting “extract here”, or just press ctrl+x on the LogPA file.

Then double-click the LogPA.exe file to run the program. If you want to launch it from the Runbox in the main window, right-click LogPA’s icon in the bottom left corner and choose “Run as administrator”.

If you’re using LogPA on a PC that already has another logging program (such as the Logging Program you use with the G5), first make sure that LogPA is in your Programs > Accessories menu so

LogPA For Windows

LogPA is an easy to use freeware logger program designed for radioamateurs who want to keep track of their dxcc status between meters.

Radio call signs are encoded in the application’s filename. There is a 128 character filename limit, but short filenames are allowed.
The program has two views. The list view displays the current dxcc status in your grid. The grid view displays a list of callsigns with the current dxcc status. All callsigns with their dxcc status in the grid are also listed in the list view.
The program allows you to sort callsigns, grids, buttons etc. All the data can be stored in the SQLite database. All logs are stored in your current directory. The program keeps a 5 minute log of each callsign.
LogPA has the following features:

Automatic log creation when starting the program
Lightweight design
Support for UTC and the US zone in the date settings

Download links:
32-bit: LogPA v1.3


Download: LogPA v1.3 (source code)


The app’s source code and how to use it:

How to use the app:


LogPA is compatible with Windows 10 and newer. It does not work under Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.


LogPA v1.3 is licensed under MIT license.



LogPA development:

Thanks to the following people:

developer’s mailing list:

developer’s Github:

tag: v1.2.11

LogPA’s contributors:

Official website:


Kapture is a wonderful app, but one

What’s New in the?

This small and easy to use software is very easy to install and use.
1. Support logging 10 meters
2. Support logging 20 meters
3. Support logging 50 meters
4. Support logging 100 meters
5. Support logging 250 meters
6. Support logging 500 meters
7. Support logging 1000 meters
8. Support logging 5000 meters
9. Support logging 20000 meters
10. Support logging 50000 meters
11. Support logging 100000 meters
12. Support logging 500000 meters
13. Support logging 10000000 meters
14. Support logging 5000000 meters
15. Support logging 1000000000 meters
16. Support logging 1000000000000 meters
17. Support logging 9999999999000 meters
18. Support logging 99999999995000 meters
19. Support logging 99999999990000 meters
20. Support logging 999999999900000 meters
21. Support logging 999999999900000 meters
22. Support logging 99999999980000 meters
23. Support logging 999999999800000 meters
24. Support logging 999999999000000 meters
25. Support logging 9999999999600000 meters
26. Support logging 9999999999600000 meters
27. Support logging 9999999999800000 meters
28. Support logging 9999999999800000 meters
29. Support logging 9999999999900000 meters
30. Support logging 9999999999900000 meters
31. Support logging 999999999999900000 meters
32. Support logging 999999999999900000 meters
33. Support logging 999999 8951543 5892 489 09
34. Support logging 999999 8951543 5892 4890
35. Support logging 999999 8951543 5892 4889
36. Support logging 999999 8951543 5892 4888
37. Support logging 999999 8951543 5892 4887
38. Support logging 999999 8951543 5892 486
39. Support logging 999999 8951543 5892 485
40. Support logging 999999 8951543 5892 484
41. Support logging 999999 8951543 5892 483
42. Support logging 999999 8951543 5892 482
43. Support logging 999999 8951543 5892 481
44. Support logging 999999 8951543 5892

System Requirements:

OS: OS X 10.9 or later
Processor: Intel or AMD
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Storage: 16 GB available space
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 or AMD Radeon HD 6870
Software Requirements:
Chrome 13.0.782.112 or later
Internet connection
Mozilla Firefox 10.0.1 or later
Safari 5.1.7 or later
Windows 7 SP1 or later
IE 9 or