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When i was younger my dad used to plan for the future. and I thought he was wasting his time. He was in the motor trade, and would repair cars for the local garage. Then one day he came home with a large envelope bulging with plans. then a little booklet with some drawings. Those plans, and drawings for my dad’s own home, were added to the Envelope. We learned later they were Mckay’s building construction. Volume 2, Pdf Free Download is a book by W. B. Mckay, B. A., B. Sc. Technology, A. R. I. B. A., A. M. I. Structures and covers the design, construction, and maintenance of foundations, walls, columns, frames, and roofs. Vol. 2, Includes Subject Index; Pdf Free Download by W. B. Mckay, B. A., B. Sc. Technology, A. R. I. B. A., A. M. I. Structures; 270 pp. ;.

Building Construction (L.25). The ultimate discipline for students who wish to gain a knowledge of all aspects of building construction. An essential part of the programme for competent mason or carpenter. Firstly introduces the theory of building construction; secondly basic principles; thirdly, calculations; fourthly, arrangements; fifthly, methods; sixthly, practice and observations.

Building Construction (R.3). A comprehensive understanding of the theory, practice and technology of building construction is provided. The course includes design and drawing, foundations, walls, floors, roofing, floors, columns, beams, slabs, arches, steelwork, brickwork, rendering, plastering, carpentry, joinery, and wood- and tile- work.

Building Construction (R.6). The knowledge and competence obtained from the course allow students to undertake any aspect of building construction, from site preparation, to finishing and the maintenance of buildings in all conditions. The course includes site preparation, foundations, walls, floors, roofs, columns, beams, slabs, arches, steelwork, brickwork, plastering, carpentry, joinery, and wood- and tile-work.

Building Construction (R.10). A comprehensive course for competent building constructor, which is designed to provide the required knowledge and understanding of the theory, practice and technology of building construction.

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Building Construction (L.5).


Building construction
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118 Ill.2d 440 (1987)
515 N.E.2d 1219
In re MARY JANE MESSENGER, a Minor, Appellant,
SCHROEDER COMMUNITY UNIT SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 9 et al. (The Chicago Heights Police Department, Appellee).
No. 62251.
Supreme Court of Illinois.
Opinion filed October 7, 1987.
*441 *442 *443 Law Offices of Virginia R. Sullivan, of Chicago Heights, for appellant.
William J. Sneckenberg, of Chicago Heights, for appellee.
Judgment affirmed.
JUSTICE CLARK delivered the opinion of the court:
The minor respondent, Mary Jane Messenger, appeals from the order of the circuit court of Cook County affirming the decision of the Cook County Board of Education to suspend her for nine school days and to recommend that her parents be required to pay restitution to the school district. The respondent assigns that the trial court erred in entering the aforementioned order. For the reasons that follow, we affirm the judgment of the circuit court of Cook County.
In December of 1983, the respondent was a student in the Chicago Heights High School (the high school), *444 when she participated in two separate fights with another student. These fights occurred after the respondent had been kicked out of a dance class. The fights occurred in and around a “bull pen,” a room specifically designated to hold student misbehavior. Both fights ended in the respondent’s striking the other student.
On February 13, 1984, the respondent’s mother, Mrs. Diana Messenger, notified the high school principal of the respondent’s participation in the fights. The mother requested that the school district’s Department of Discipline and Control suspend her daughter from school for five days. The mother also requested that the school district advise the respondent’s parents of the foregoing. In addition, the mother requested that the respondent’s behavior be monitored at home.
On February 18, 1984, the respondent’s mother was contacted by the school district’s personnel manager, who informed Mrs. Messenger that the school district’s rules and regulations governing suspension of students state that “there must be a timely written notice of the violation to the director of schools, the school board, or its agent; and the board or agent must have personal knowledge of the violation.” The school district’s bylaws