{MotoTRBO CPS 8.0 Build 410 AA} Hitl



{MotoTRBO CPS 8.0 Build 410 AA} Hitl


Page 8 The Republican July 4, 1994 THE REPUBLICAN Vous avez une chance de parler aux Québécois pendant leur visionnement des Jeux olympiques de Calgary en 1996. Le nombre d’invitations s’élève à 2800, soit 8 per cent des participants au spectacle. The display of instruments and technology on the world stage at the 1996 Olympic Games in Calgary, Alberta, will emphasize the ability of the athletes to embrace a high degree of physical fitness, the potential for computer technol ogy in many sports, and the use of outdoor and indoor venues as a tool in the quest for world records. The Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) has pla yed to ensure a good turnout among the 6,500 athletes to be s tud ied at the Calgary O m io n A cademy over the next six weeks. COC President Rod T ilson said, the message from the COC is “Enjoy your vision of the world.” “Do not become enthralled with the idea of the olympics being a single event,” he said. “Get behind the scenes, the behind-the-scenes activities, to learn about sports, to learn about the people of the sports. This is t he heart of the olympics.” “There are athletes in marathons, and one man in a three-mile run who can become the world champion. In the past, the athletes were privileged to view people racing in a very segregated atmosphere. It is important for us to break down those barriers and to let people know that all is possible.” Rod Thomson, a ime provi dent of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), said that sport is the way to the brain, the backbone, or whatever you want to call it, of a country. “And I t will be the key to the success of the Olympic Games in 1996,” he said. “It is not only a way for people to test themselves and each other, but I t is a way to change themselves. This is the core of the olympics, the human side of the olympics.” To change people, the sport must be like a novel and a continuous process. “It is, to borrow from Shakespeare, to change opinion, not information,” Thomson said. In Quebec, there is virtually no chance of a Calgari al Olympian being. interviewed because of a language barrier


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