Noteliner is a small and easy-to-use program specially designed to help you organize and track your work with ease. It can be used to record meeting and conversation notes, as well as create and handle to-do lists, assignments or project information.
Simple noteliner to make and arrange lists
It's wrapped in an intuitive layout that comes with a navigational pane to view all the records, and a feature-rich collection of editing and formatting tools. The app uses hierarchical trees to structure the data using bullets, priority statuses, and several highlighting colors. Plus, it's portable, which means it can be carried anywhere on a thumb drive and accessed from any location.
Design the tree system to best fit your needs
It's recommended to study the help file to get accustomed with all the functions and how to easily compose and structure your information. Noteliner starts each new document with a front page, where you can insert as many child nodes as you want. To do so, you need to type in a subtitle, enter all your tasks, and collapse that specific node, so that the app can detect a new sub-node.
Mark finished assignments as complete
Right-clicking on the bullet gives you the option to change the bullet style using several options. On the other hand, double-clicking on the bullet marks that task as completed. From the context menu, you can set a status level (attention, normal, done), an action date, as well as give it a tag, add as a bookmark and highlight it.
Save your notes as HTML and TXT documents
Plus, you can insert your information into a simple table and add additional columns and headers. You can enable daily auto backup to not lose your important data, and save your work as the tool's specific type (NTE) and as HTML and TXT file formats.
Approachable note creator with file-tree structures
All in all, Noteliner is a useful application that comes in handy when you want to create, arrange and manage your daily private and work-related tasks, assignments, team project main keys or to-do lists. It offers hierarchical structures and a highlighting function.


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This program is protected by Copyright(S) 2012-2014 Miracle.

Basic features include:

· Multiple Record Types: This includes meeting note, note, task and assignment
· Attach files
· Numbered or unnumbered notes
· Export to HTML or TXT format
· Yearwise working / Non-working calendar

3.Folder Navigator Pro

This program is protected by Copyright(S) 2016 Corel.

Folder Navigator Pro Description:

· Allows to organize your files based on relative folder paths
· Supports drag and drop, displaying “visual” icons for folders
· Powerful size / location tracking tools
· Perfect at displaying both “physical” and “logical” folders.
· Can be quickly and easily replicated for multi-user operations
· Multi-node folder trees (up to 500 levels deep)


Notelist is a free minimalist notepad which helps you to create and maintain to-do lists. The program allows you to add descriptions, hyperlinks and images to the lists, and you can sort the lists by priority, tags or date. The app is controlled with the keyboard, allowing you to use it while you work on other projects. This app can be used for personal and private tasks as well as for team projects or business to-do lists. The hierarchy of lists and notes can be adjusted to your needs or simply to highlight a particular list. You can also mark tasks as completed and mark them as important or not.
The notelist app is designed for both power users and beginners. It allows you to add tasks and deadlines to your lists, and to include hyperlinks, images and notes to the lists.
The hierarchal control on a list makes it easy to set the level for each task. A tag cloud is available as a tag or list label, and you can also specify a different color for each type of list. The app allows you to switch between lists and tasks on different hierarchy levels with just one button click.
With the hierarchy, you can specify the branches for the main lists and notes (use as project tree), as well

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You can also purchase additional credits at any time from the settings. The in-app currency is valid through the life cycle of the app.

We wanted to share with you some of the highlights of what will be the most popular features in:
Noteliner Pro.
– Record Notes, Take Notes, Organize Notes and Todos
– Create and share journal entries
– Present your work and documents
– Record well-organized meetings
– New edit, share and layout

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What can you expect in Noteliner Pro:
New layout and features
Noteliner Pro adds a new tab that lets you enter a library to store notes and journal entries. It also includes functionality to record meetings and notes, present your work and documents, record the well-organized meetings and more.
Keep notes, take notes, keep a journal
With Noteliner Pro you can keep notes, take notes or a journal. You can keep notes for you to record activities and meetings, take notes from lectures or share it with your team.
– Take notes and notes – Record a note or journal entries in a new tab
– Find your notes – Organize notes and journal entries with a library
– Keep the well – Record meetings with Noteliner Pro
– Present your work and documents – Present your work and documents in Noteliner Pro
– Record well-organized meetings – Record your meetings with Noteliner Pro
– Provide social features
Social features are powered by Facebook and


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What’s New in the Noteliner?

An intuitive notepad and organizer
Simplicity is the key of Noteliner. With an intuitive layout for easy navigation, you will never get lost in the app, which features a tree system of lists to help organize your notes, to-do lists, tasks, and even team projects. The application also comes with powerful markup tools to help you compose and format your content in different document types.

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System Requirements For Noteliner:

– CPU: Intel Core i3 2.0 GHz (4 cores) or AMD Phenom II X4 810 (3 cores) or faster.
– Memory: 2 GB RAM.
– Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or AMD Radeon HD 5670 or newer (1 GB of VRAM)
– Free Disk Space: 35 GB.
– Other: Audio must be installed.
Game Overview:
It is the first time that two teams of skilled assassins can fight each other to the