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Operative LogIn is easy to use and may be controlled by the computer’s administrator. The software can be installed on any Windows operating system, on either an individual or a networked computer. As a user, you are allowed to run this program with the two-button mouse. The software can monitor the computer’s usage for employees, since it can measure the time spent by each user, whose unique user name is assigned to the computer. The software can create a print-out report of the user activity, displaying the exact number of hours of work performed, which may be viewed by the administrator. The report can also be printed, thus allowing a manager to account for the user’s productivity.
In addition, the software, as a computer timer, is easy to use, since all you need to do is press a button, thereby marking the time and clicking a second button. The software, as an operative log in clock-in/log-out application, is simple to use. It is easy to use for employees, since they may enter the computer’s desktop by clicking on the registered login user name, displayed on the software’s interface.
Similarly, employees can log in or out by clicking a button, which is displayed on the software’s interface. The software, therefore, can operate with a configuration in which all employees use the same computer.
Monitor employees’ activities on the computer
As an administrator, you have access to the software, therefore you can view the user log-in and log-out times. You can also view the computer’s usage by the user, such as the total amount of time the user spent on the computer, and the amount of time used for each process, such as word processing, the internet etc. The software can monitor these activities and create a report for each user, showing the exact number of hours worked by each user.
You can edit the operation of the software, by checking the Log-In option to enable the clocking-in/clocking-out functionality. The software can log in or out employees who have already been clocked in and allows a user to track the total time he or she has worked on a computer. The software is portable, since it can operate on any Windows operating system, running on either an individual or a networked computer. The software can be used by employees, since they can log in with their usernames, which are displayed on the software’s

Operative LogIn

Operative LogIn is an employee monitoring software application that provides time tracking, for everyone who uses the system.
Operative LogIn provides a powerful time tracking facility; it allows each user to track his/her performance and check their work schedule. It also allows the user to view this schedule as a calendar by the month and the year.
Each worker has his/her unique user identification. The system can track if the user was logged in or out, thus allowing the user’s performance to be reviewed.
Operative LogIn is suitable for a variety of work applications, including monitoring of the time spent in front of the computer, tracking the working hours of the employee, in addition to being used as a time tracker for answering customers’ calls or monitoring of customers’ waiting times.
Operative LogIn has a high degree of security, since the data contained in the system is safe, via encryption. Moreover, the system can also check the daily performance of each user via scheduling calendar reports.
Operative LogIn allows the user to set any number of daily performance times by the day, the week or the month. A report can be generated showing the total working hours by the day, for example. The date in the report is based on the system time.
If the user needs to log out of the system, the software provides a security reminder so that the user won’t forget to do so.
Operative LogIn has a report engine which summarizes the work schedule from the weekly, monthly and annual periods. The user can create reports in the calendar format, thus showing the number of working hours per the day or by the week.
If the user is logged in, Operative LogIn shows the status: logged in, logged out or idle.
If the user is logged out, the software will ask for a password to re-log in, for example.
Operative LogIn also provides an idle timer, which records how long a user spends with the system idle. The idle time is stored in the database, thus enabling a user’s performance to be monitored and shown as a summary.
Operative LogIn is suitable for a variety of workers who work with a computer system, from computer technicians or computer engineers, to information technology experts, teachers, students or any other worker who needs to keep an eye on their time spent in front of the computer.
Operative LogIn is suitable for sharing a single computer between several users.
Operative LogIn

Operative LogIn Free

Operative LogIn is a computer work timer for employees monitoring software, with user interface which enables you to monitor the time spent by a single or several employees in front of the computer. The software enables you to maintain a time log, with the time spent in front of the computer and the department involved. The software can be used by the supervisor to monitor the work schedule of his/her subordinates in case they are not available. The supervisor receives reports which enable him/her to calculate the hours worked by his/her employees. A good example is the free-lance writer, who bills for his or her work by the hour. The software can be used in order to calculate the necessary working hours.
Operative LogIn Features:
1) A computer work timer for employees
2) User-friendly interface which enables you to monitor the employees
3) Allows monitoring by the month and year
4) No password is required
5) Can remember the status of each user
6) The software issues no notification
7) Easy to use and to maintain
8) The software supports scheduling of employees’ time
9) The software is suitable for monitoring the time of several users, simultaneously
10) The software is compatible with Window and Linux computer

Operative LogIn is a powerful employee scheduling tool. From a starting time to an ending time, the software provides a calendar module with the hours employees spent at work. This is the only employee monitoring software that can provide the administrator with a detailed report that will include, among other things, the name of the employee, the time he spent at work, the name of the department he worked in, and the starting and ending time of the work day.
Operative LogIn Features:
1) A powerful and reliable employee scheduling tool
2) Can monitor several users simultaneously
3) The software is user friendly and intuitive
4) No password is required to run the program
5) User can view the list of all employees
6) The software issues no notification
7) The software provides a calendar module that monitors the work schedule
8) The software is compatible with Window, Linux and Mac
9) The software can be used in order to track employee activity.
10) The software is easy to understand and install.
11) The software supports an in-built user mail interface.

Operative LogIn is a powerful computer time tracking software program. This Employee Monitoring software is designed to monitor the work schedule of employees on your computer

What’s New in the Operative LogIn?

Operative LogIn is a software solution, a mere clock-in / clock-out application for employees. It is a software solution that can help you control the times that your employees spend at work, thus estimating the length of the work day. As an administrator, the software reports on the number of hours that have been spent by each user, to you by the month.
You can use the software in two modes:
– As an employee, simply click on the symbol buttons to clock in or out.
– Use the timer feature, so that the system will mark the start and the ending of the work day for the user.
As a user, you can use the software:
– To clock in and out, by clicking on the respective symbol buttons.
– To view the statistics of the total number of hours that you have spent at work.
– To view the accumulated statistics of the number of hours that you have spent at work since the last update.
The user will be prompted to activate the recording of the timer before it is started. To stop it, click on the symbol to deactivate the recording. To repeat, simply click the symbol buttons again.
Unable to click on the graphic, simply follow the onscreen prompts to activate the timer.
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System Requirements For Operative LogIn:

Processor: Any 32-bit processor
Memory: 1 GB RAM or 64 MB of Video RAM
Graphics: DirectX 8 graphics device with 256 MB of Video RAM
Hard Drive: 50 MB free hard disk space
Resolution: 800×600
Sound: Any sound card
Network: Internet connection
Other Requirements: Windows 2000/XP, DirectX 8.0
Prerequisite: This game is intended for adults, and the language and subject matter in this game is not appropriate for all audiences.
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