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Opening files in the current working directory in vim

I am trying to set up vim so that when I open a certain set files (for example, *.md in my current directory), it automatically opens them. I think I’ve got this working by doing the following in vimrc:
au FileType md call shell(“vim ‘~/Path/To/My/Vimfiles/*.md'”)

However, vim files such as *.org in the current directory do not get opened.
I think I know what’s happening – in these cases, the shells are trying to open the files on the server, whereas the previous command is trying to open the files on my local machine (Mac OS X). How do I get vim to do that?


This was a problem with my.vimrc, which had a block like this:
augroup Invalid
autocmd BufRead *.md call shell(“vim ‘~/Path/To/My/Vimfiles/*.md'”)
augroup end

Moving the autocmd! line after the BufRead line solved my problem.

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