Print Screen Free Download X64 [March-2022]

Print Screen, originally started as a Visual Basic 6 application, is today available as a free for Windows desktop application. It can be used to capture a window and to save it as images or as snapshots.


1.Download the executable file from the link provided above.
2.Once downloaded double-click on the file and run the setup program. Follow the simple steps to complete the setup.
3.Open the print screen application, and you are ready to capture.

Operating System :

Free for Windows XP, Vista and 7.

(Updated on April 2013)

We’ve got some news for you. We have just released a new Print Screen Lite Version for Android devices. You can download it here Print Screen Lite.

The app is free to download and you are good to go. Enjoy capturing.

Now you can capture a selected area using print screen or screen capture tool from Mobile. Just activate the Capture mode from the Tray Icon or Menu options in Android. Tapping on the icon will capture the visible screen. Click on the screen to select area to capture and tap Print Screen. On the screen are other options like Watermark, copyright information, apply Image filter, Frame a file, invert the Image, Auto crop Image, Auto adjust contrast, custom image, slide show, and stretch to Fit. The frame is clickable and when you are done framing press Done. The image is saved in the gallery and can be cropped, cropped & converted to JPG, can be shared on any service. The entire screen is also enabled for capturing using Print Screen. The image can be stored as PNG file format. You can also send the captured image to any e-mail address.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q. What’s new?A. Built-in screen recording tool for Android, it can also be used to record any part of the screen (picture). You can create one or more videos for capturing different areas of the screen.

Q. How to capture a particular area of the screen using print screen?A. To capture a particular area of the screen (region) with the image, first press the pin on the top of the device’s screen to open the device’s screen recording menu. Then select the video mode (Video screen or Picture), adjust to your screen size and position and press the print screen icon. You can also select picture from the menu.

Q. How to record video?

Print Screen

Use Print Screen button to capture the current screen and save it into a file.
Add hotkeys to Print Screen function of your keyboard and Auto print current window. Set top border color, screenshot directory, auto invert/grey scale, and save files with another user account, a path on disk, and output format.We are riding the bus this morning – we are traveling to Pittsburgh.
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Print Screen Free Registration Code [32|64bit]

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What’s New In?

Print Screen is, as mentioned, one of the simplest screen capture tools you can use. It allows you to take the screen shots while working in most of the application.
How It Works:
You need to press the Print Screen key on your keyboard, and then choose from the “Automatic”, “Save”, and “Active Window” options.
After you have made your choice, the system will do the rest. It will save the screenshot to the folder where you have indicated, and if you want to add more options, change your mind, simply press “Update”.
Once you have captured your screenshot, you can start to work on it, and come back to Print Screen with your edits later on. When you are done, all the original settings will remain unless you change them.
What’s New:
Print Screen is constantly updated with new features. If you want to be always up to date, you can use the “Check for Updates” option to automatically download the latest version of the application.
Key Features:
– You can save the files in any of the common image formats
– You can make a specific window or game administration visible and use them
– You can use the automation options for the screen capture process, and make it easier to edit the image
– The settings for your capture can remain untouched, even when you make changes, and reset the system
– It is not so reliable on computers with low RAM
– You can only capture one window at a time
Additional Information:
Print Screen Description:
Print Screen is an application that allows you to take screenshots on your Windows 10, and other Windows computers.
How It Works:
It is very simple to use, and for that reason, it has earned it reputation as one of the best applications for capturing screenshots. The screen screenshot tool will prompt you to press the Print Screen button on your keyboard.
After the capture is over, you can save the image to your preferred format and share it with others with ease. You can also edit the captured image, and the system will provide you with the opportunity to make those changes last for the initial capture, but when you wish to reset the settings, the system will let you.
What’s New:
In this version, you can share the file you captured straight away, without having to first save it. It also provides you a better tool for image editing.
Key Features:

System Requirements For Print Screen:

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