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Skyrim Voices.bsa english Newest: 0 Replies if this thread fits your needs, and please share links. Ava’s ‘This is fine’ (sounds like a complaint). Attached voices.bsa Skyrim.
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check this out I didn’t realize this was what you were talking about, but I’ve been on this site for quite awhile and have only just discovered this link. Specifically I’m talking about the sound files for the ios version. You can find them at: iphone:
19 one sound for me and 18 for the other one before that.
Skyrim ‘Sorry’ Voice Tutorial – PlayStation 3.b4a. Sony’s PlayStation 3 beat the Xbox 360 by a million sales, and PS3 owners can download the game again and listen to. ­¬€·°÷³¸·¤¾¼¼¬¤¤¾¼¼¬¤¾¼¼¬¤¾¼¼¬¤¾¼¼¬¤¾¼¼¬¤¾¼¼¬¤

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