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Dangerous to leave this kind of inside the house. The little problem is that it is also extremely harmful to take. The only real person who may be protected is to be an air purifier. By having it in your home, you likely should be protected.

The best method to guard yourself from cigarette smoke is to air out every room in your home often times also. Another way to handle smoke in the home is to make sure to clean and maintain the filter system that the air purifier utilizes regularly.
.[Application of DNA Ploidy in the Diagnosis of Glioma].
DNA ploidy can be assessed by flow cytometry or image cytometry to define whether a tumor is aneuploid. In addition, clonality can be assessed by analyzing immunoglobulin-H genes. The traditional method for DNA ploidy analysis by flow cytometry was microsphere (an electron beam method). In contrast, the digital imaging method has become more popular because of high-throughput, easy technique, and the ability to store data in a database. This study aimed to evaluate the clinical utility of the digital imaging method for the analysis of DNA ploidy. This prospective study involved 154 cases that underwent surgical resection from 2011 to 2012. Surgical specimens were analyzed via the two methods: the electron beam method and digital imaging method. Regarding the association between malignancy grade and DNA ploidy status, the malignant cases were aneuploid (19 cases) and the non-malignant cases were euploid (145 cases). A total of 135 specimens were evaluated using the electron beam method. However, the specimens obtained from 117 patients (81.3%) were evaluated using the digital imaging method. A concordance rate of 88.2% was observed for the aneuploid status, and a concordance rate of 100% was observed for the monoclonal state. Among the monoclonal specimens, only 1 case (1.1%) was aneuploid. DNA ploidy analysis via the digital imaging method is as useful as flow cytometry. It can be easily introduced into daily practice by nurses or doctors without requiring special training. We propose that DNA ploidy analysis via the digital imaging method can be considered when undertaking an initial diagnosis of a malignant glioma.PSKs are widely used in television applications for example, and in wireless communication systems for demodulation

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A major portion of the community is not aware of Bitcoin’s code:

Many have written about Bitcoin’s code and security, but many of these articles have either been outdated by the Bitcoin developers or actually posted on Bitcointalk, a forum with an ever-changing crowd and sometimes controversial development philosophy.


This article says:

“Bitcointalk members are perhaps the best-informed and smartest group of people in the Bitcoin community. Bitcoin development and security have already been well-covered by many great writers on the topic.”

But read this. and it starts from maybe 20 posts old.

Also, two other places say that “The most updated information on the Bitcoin protocol can be found at the bitcointalk forums.” But no longer exist even after years.

Without a doubt the source of information from [Bitcointalk] is not right. There are many [Bitcointalk] users who are ignorant of Bitcoin’s code. They are also ignorant of peer-review, open development, and core development.

I was a bit disappointed. I hoped the post would be timely. It didn’t say “Who gave you this information?” and when I looked around I couldn’t find any reliable source.

This certainly makes it hard for the Bitcoin community to trust a media outlet. Why should you trust a media outlet that provides inaccurate information

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Prognostic Value of the Preoperative CRT Parameters and Clinical Factors in Patients with Lymph Node-Positive Rectal Cancer.
Carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) and the clinical tumor-node-metastasis (TNM) stage are well-known prognostic factors for patients with rectal cancer. Recently, more parameters of CT or PET and whole-body MRI for rectal cancer were also reported as new prognostic factors. The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the prognostic value of the additional parameters in patients with rectal cancer. Data of 279 consecutive patients with preoperative synchronous lymph node-positive rectal cancer who underwent curative-intent surgery were retrospectively analyzed. All patients received neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy


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Web API Post method not working

I am getting 404 when post method is called.
Here is my controller code.
public class AccountController : ApiController
private readonly MyEntityDataContext db;

public AccountController()
: base()
db = new MyEntityDataContext();

public HttpResponseMessage Post(Account account)
account.Id = Guid.NewGuid();

HttpResponseMessage result = Request.CreateResponse(HttpStatusCode.OK);

return result;


And the Post method in is not being called.
I did not find solution.


You need to set these as properties of your account object.
public class Account
public Guid Id { get; set; }

public Account()
Id = Guid.NewGuid();

Also the Account need to be the action name, not your method. So the action would be api/account

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