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Known impact tools of this type have either only one integral spring which is compressed during a thrusting operation and which extends to release the tool and/or a like integral spring which is compressed during a thrusting operation.
In these prior tools which have a single integral spring, when they are to be released they must be compressed by a force which is greater than the force required to release the tool when it is thrust onto the surface being treated.
In tools which are powered by a spring-loaded plunger which is subjected to the force required to release the tool, the plunger is actuated when the tool is thrust into the workpiece.
In these tools, in the case of an emergency or other emergency conditions, the depth of the workpiece into which the tool is thrust cannot be reduced because the tool is locked in place, and penetration cannot be stopped.
It is therefore an object of this invention to provide an impact tool of the above type which has two springs which are actuated independently by a different actuating mechanism.CLEARWATER — He’s known as the island-dwelling, good-humored guy from the get go.

And when Jimmy Segers ever graced the straw of a Cubs spring training bullpen this week, he was as mild mannered as ever.

He even got to know the Cubs, beginning with a five-minute chat with Kevin Gregg, put him on the hill and even pitched to the Cubs in a bullpen session. Then he pitched to the Cubs in a short minor league game in Clearwater.

And when the big league team happened to be on a trip to Clearwater, team management welcomed him to join their group, posing for pictures with the guys.

But just as Segers’ demeanour is well known in the dugout and clubhouse — he’s as comfortable throwing a curveball as he is a fastball or changeup — his bio and background are not.

He’s a red-haired former University of New Hampshire football player

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