Portable Alternate Dictionary is a simple yet very useful piece of software which you can rely on for creating lexicon from scratch, be it in your own language or a different one, adding the words and definitions yourself.
Using standalone tools has its perks
The application can be run immediately after download, as its installation is not necessary; just decompress the archive and launch it from the already existing shortcut or the corresponding executable.
As a result, Portable Alternate Dictionary can easily be stored and run from a USB stick or other similar memory devices, being able to work with it on any compatible system, without leaving a trace in its registry.
Create your own dictionaries with minimal effort
The application comes with a German language lexicon comprising numerous entries, but its strength resides in the fact that you can build your own from scratch. All you need to do is input a term and its definition(s) or equivalent.
The more entries you add, the more use you can draw out of it, particularly when doing translation jobs, as it will spare you from having to do the research all over again just to find one word.
Moreover, you can use Portable Alternate Dictionary to start your own thesaurus or term base for a certain field, (for instance financial, agricultural, educational, literary, and others), which can serve not just translators but also professionals or students in that area of activity.
In addition, any dictionary you create can be exported to a standalone EXE file, making it usable on any system, independent of any program, which can come in handy in a variety of situations.
A practical lexicon builder
Overall, Portable Alternate Dictionary is a reliable and intuitive application meant to help you create your own dictionaries or build upon existing files, enriching your vocabulary while also simplifying future work by keeping difficult terms handy.


Download →→→ https://byltly.com/2mx0nn

Download →→→ https://byltly.com/2mx0nn






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You might want to check out Intego’s Pest – it’s more of a tool than an actual, commercial anti-virus program, but it’s a free trial version that can remove a wide range of software and even malware from your computer. It doesn’t have built-in protection of any kind, but does try to read, and apply, the existing heuristics for detecting malware.


You might also want to take a look at Junkware Removal Tool.
It’s a free utility that will scan, remove, repair, customize, or control all the junkware that is eating up your computer’s resources.


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The Virus Remover Crack is a free tool that runs in the background and scans your system for virus contamination. It detects and removes bad programs with a quick scan and then backs up your registry to save you the trouble of having to rebuild it. It also stops rogue processes, keeps your system clean and up to date, and is able to remove and repair.NET Framework,.NET Compact Framework, and.NET Framework 3.5.
The advantage of using this as an antivirus solution is that it doesn’t replace the built-in Windows Defender, but it complements it by allowing you to scan and remove the risk programs before they can do so much harm.
Jasper is a small and fast Java utility that provides a list of recently updated software installed and installed software for your system.
Starts as a simple list, Jasper is capable of handling a large number of software and provides you with a single view of the most current entries.
In addition, it shows all software installed on your system (global).
A collection of small tools that help you to work fast and efficiently
Lanime has a series of tools for your convenience and makes your life a little bit easier. The software aims to provide you with a collection of small, easy to use tools, that will help you improve your workflow, simplify your daily tasks or save a little bit of your time.
The application is capable of installing and removing applications in a single click and quickly reports the installed and available system updates to a Windows update server.
It can also be used as a backup software that saves data to cloud storage, supports network hardware, and lets you create a bootable Live CD.
When it comes to the main features, it boasts a contact manager that includes notes, has support for data encryption, and contains a calendar widget, a file manager, a quick rar archive manager, a screen capturing application and a terminal emulator for Windows 7 and above.
It’s also capable of password protection, local and remote control of software, and has a file monitor and a network monitor.
There is also a compact flash scanner that will scan a CD/DVD media and grab the data required.
Additionally, it can display system information, checks network connectivity, browse network shares, and rip music CDs.
Last but not least, it’s capable of the following actions: create desktop icons, start a web server, resize Windows, change system time and date, change environment variables, open and close programs, shutdown and restart your computer, and

Virus Remover License Key

Virus Mechanic Plus is a utility developed by ZA Technologies, a division of ZA Soft, a well-known anti-malware firm.
Its main task is to effectively remove various forms of Windows and Mac OS-based spyware, adware, and potentially unwanted programs from the computer, protecting the files and folders against malicious attacks and effectively scanning for harmful content.
Virus Remover has a simple interface that helps you pick the programs you want to remove from the computer, and it’s possible to improve its capabilities, by downloading additional modules from the program’s website.
The tool comes in handy when you run a scan or have a number of spyware, adware, and potentially unwanted programs on your PC. It is designed to automatically remove all malicious files, every time a new version of ZA Driver is installed.
This is done with the help of an intelligent algorithm, which is able to assess the threats that have made their way onto the computer and remove them accordingly.
To remove a malicious program, you just need to pick one of the listed items from the Windows or Mac menu, and then select your drive on which you want the repair to happen. When prompted, you can pick the ‘Current selection’ option, or let the program scan all the files and folders for threats.
During our testing, we have noticed that the app detects and removes most of the files, keeping the system clean and safe from harmful elements. It has a good response time and a solid detection rate, without disrupting the overall performance of the computer.
One of the only negatives we can mention is that the user can experience a slight delay when the antivirus scanner is initiated, which can temporarily freeze the application for a few seconds.
System Requirements:
Virus Remover supports two types of operating systems: Windows and Mac. It is compatible with the following versions:
Windows 2000, XP and Vista.
Mac OS X, v10.5.
For the moment, the tool is not compatible with the Windows 7 operating system.
The online version of the application, which is designed to remove harmful files on the internet, can be downloaded from the program’s website for free.
What’s more, it is possible to extend the program with additional modules, making it even more robust and versatile.
There are quite a number of items available, which you can download and install on your computer. All of them offer an increased number of features, enabling you to improve the safety of your

What’s New In Virus Remover?

Virus Remover is a tool that can be used to help get rid of viruses and malware. It includes a GUI menu, virus definition updates, and more!
Virus Remover screenshots:

What’s New in this Release:

– Updates to the Windows 10 Defender definitions file so you can use it to remove the threat of malicious software- A GUI menu has been added to Virus Remover so you can get started quickly- You can now access Virus Remover’s settings from its Tools menu- There are now more icons that you can delete

Review Virus Remover

By Review Source on Sept 12, 2017 Virus Remover is a tool that can be used to help get rid of viruses and malware. It includes a GUI menu, virus definition updates, and more!

User Avg Score

Gross Score

User Avg



User Avg



Once you’ve installed it, from the Start Menu, navigate to “All apps.” Then search for “Virus remover” or “Virus Remover” to launch it.


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System Requirements For Virus Remover:

* Internet connection
* 128 MB RAM
* 512 MB of video RAM
* Microsoft Windows XP or later
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