Dear Lifehacker, I’m a guy in my 20s who’s good at what I do, I’m in good shape, I’m not looking for a woman who’s going to break my heart, and I don’t expect a woman to make me breakfast in bed. What do you suggest? Should I treat women like conquests? Do you think women get this or that because they are with a guy? Do you think I should become a playboy? I’m going to be older than most of these women. — Alex


What Alex is going for isn’t a conquest—it’s a good marriage. The best marriages happen when two people commit to each other and build up that momentum. Alex should find a woman who is mature enough to be OK with himself and his hard work, and knows she can’t live without him. He should aim to make that woman feel special (and to give her the things she deserves) rather than see himself as a one-person combination of several chores. Men can help their wives by making their home life just as good as they can make their work life. Dating a woman who’s trying to make herself (and you) happy is more exciting than women who just want a quick fling. So go out there and meet some women, and when you feel like you’re the right fit, move forward.

This link has some good tips on dating. If you want to talk with some other women and find out about what they’re looking for, check out the AskMen site.

Hey, Lifehacker readers, what’s your take on modern dating? What do you suggest to Alex? Do you think men and women have similar wants or approaches to dating? What do you think Alex should do? Hit up the comments to tell us what you think.

Update: For the men of the world, I’ve started a blog called Self-Deprecating Renaissance Men. It’s about taking pride in being terrible at things. I think you’ll find it interesting.

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Think of this as your “How to Play Games Without Getting Your Ass Kicked” guide. For example, if you hear a person say, “I like a good challenge,” then you’ll know what he really means is, “I like to win!” Don’t try to play into a game just because you feel like it. It’s not that you’re not a good person or that you don’t like to win, you just don’t want to play a game you can’t win. If you can’t go the distance, it may not be the right game for you—even if the person making this claim would beg to differ.

This section covers how to ask a person out using your best online dating profile, how to make your online dating profile stand out from the others, and how to ask someone out with the ultimate online dating sext.

Create a Killer Online Dating Profile.

Dating websites and dating apps have made online dating so convenient. I can go on a dating site and find plenty of men in my physical location who I’d like to meet up with. You can do the same.

It starts with a profile. These profiles are usually pretty basic and have a lot of bullet points that you have to check. There’s also a box to tick that says “Send To All” if the person has a lengthy email address.

For most people, it’s quite easy. Even if you just want to find a one-night stand or see who you vibe with, going through a bunch of profiles is easy. Your profile should cover the following areas: Name, Contact Info, Age, Photos, About Me, and Education. There will often be a place to list your skill set, too. Let’s take a look at some of the things to be looking for in a profile.

Check to make sure your profile is not, or not yet, being used to meet people. If you think your profile is being used to find one night stand dates, contact the person. If they say they just don’t want it used for that, and are okay with it being used for something serious, then it’s okay to use it. It’s not fair to you if you get used without your consent. There is a box to indicate if someone has been talking to you online, as well.

Contact info: This is where you will link in Facebook if you