WinLog software application captures and relays syslog messages (unmodified) sent by different network devices like routers, managed switches and hosts. These captured messages are logged into logfile and converted to easy readable format. From this log file you can filter out messages based on different criteria.
WinLog also can be used as a log reader/filter for raw syslog log files generated by WinLog itself. With strong log filtering capabilities of WinLog you can filter out messages form syslog log files on different criteria like date/time, priority, facility, severity, source of message and event mask.
Additionally it also provides live event log to syslog converter service (NTsyslog) for windows NT/2000/XP/2003 for monitoring windows events via syslog protocol.
If you want to monitor all windows servers in your network from one place where WinLog is installed you may need to install NTsyslog service separately on each server, you can downlod setup of NTsyslog from our download/demo section. NTsyslog is a freeware software and distributed under GNU GPL and you can use it as you want.
Here are some key features of “WinLog”:
■ Captures syslog messages and format them into readable format.
■ Provides facility of relaying unmodified syslog messages to your backup log server.
■ Uses local system time as TIMESTAMP for all incoming syslog messages to achieve consistency.
■ WinLog decodes priority of message into severity and facility as described in RFC3164
■ Syslog port (UDP 514) can be customized.
■ Provides facility of masking events based on priority.
■ Provides facility of exporting syslog table into HTML, CSV, TXT formats.
■ Logs events into log file.
■ With strong log filtering capabilities of WinLog you can filter out messages form syslog log files on different criteria like date/time, priority, facility, severity, source of message and event mask.
■ Live event log to syslog converter service for windows NT/2000/XP/2003.
■ 30 days trial







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WinLog Product Key is a powerful, all-in-one free syslog distribution and event monitoring application. It captures
unmodified syslog messages from the network and relays them to a central log file/server. It also
provides live event log to syslog converter service for windows NT/2000/XP/2003. WinLog For Windows 10 Crack parses
the log file using tool which is independent from the syslog tool and translate the data into a
human readable table. Winlog supports up to 10 different syslog sources and provides facilities
for filtering the events on different criteria. The log is automatically generated in human
readable format. It has a powerful filtering facility and supports the following filtering criteria:
• Date/Time
• Priority
• Facility
• Severity
• Source of message
• Event mask
WinLog uses syslog(3) for capturing syslog messages.
To install and test WinLog have sample program and setup program in demo section of WinLog.
How to use WinLog:
This application has been updated to WinLog v4.2.0 (build 055)
Please check the Help file for details on usage.
Press any key to continue
WinLog User guide:
WinLog User Guide is provided on our Support webpage. The user guide is available at
Please download the WinLog installer as indicated in the wizard, then run it.
In order to get access to the log utility enter a default password if the wizard does not prompt you for it.
IMPORTANT: This utility cannot be run as an Administrator. The reason is the firewall rule that allows incoming connection requests to the port 514 on Windows systems.
Run the WinLog “Wizard Verification” app.
Set up communication with your Syslog server:
Please check if your syslog server has been configured correctly:
* Set the remote server address for incoming connections.
* Set the correct Syslog port (514 on most Windows systems).
* Set the Syslog facility where to send syslog messages
* Enable logging via syslog
* Set up the system account

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WinLog is an intelligent and reliable syslog client/relay program which capture, format and send out all system related log messages from the host such as: kernel, service, auth, audit, winlog and pop.
Why WinLog?
WinLog is the leading freeware open source and simple syslog client. Syslog is an ubiquitous protocol which is used for most of log management solution. Syslog is developed by IETF to standardize the logging mechanism.
Due to lack of support for configuration, WinLog is not the ideal syslog solution for automation and management. For example: Relay of every WINLOG message is disabled and you cannot configure it as you wish. Also you cannot use WinLog as a simple user level syslog client and relay tool.
Like you mentioned, NTsyslog is not a freeware. It is also not an open source. It is an closed source binary based on Microsoft technologies. Also it requires Microsoft.NET framework or a high version of Windows.
Freeware Syslog Solutions
You can use syslog-ng or rsyslog to capture syslog messages but they are not free of cost.
If you want to implement one tool which can receive and forward syslog messages in your network then you are looking for a freeware solution which is based on open source standards. Unfortunately so far no free tool is available in market which can capture all types of messages i.e. log messages, winlog, audit, kernel, service, syslog, wins etc.
Although WinLog is a free open source product, its mission is not commercial one. Free tools with commercial purposes are: NTsyslog, LogMiner, FTPDug, etc.
This is not a commercially oriented software. This tool can be used in Windows systems as a syslog client and relay tool, and it can be used in command prompt as a command line interface. Please check our project page for more detailed information about the license type of this software.
This is not a software tool for local file, remote file, remote user, remote database, etc. So there is no need to pay for “Remote User” or “Remote File” or “Remote DB”. Our tool is a solution for syslog.
WinLog Features
WinLog is an open source and cross-platform software which is designed to capture and relay all system messages from the host, running NT, 2000, XP, 2003 server, or any other operating system.

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WinLog is a universal syslog software application. It captures and relays syslog messages to any log server. When you install and run this application, it must be told which log server to write these messages to. The log server’s URL and port are optional. It is a good tool to establish a continuous backup of your important messages that can be used for any purpose.
WinLog software application is freeware. It can be used with and without a cost.

You can download and try the demo version of WinLog

Further Information:

Replace syslog protocol with NTsyslog

Replace syslog software application with NTsyslog software


Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Supported OS Versions: Windows NT/2000/XP/2003

Supported OS Service Pack Versions: None

Minimum system requirements: Intel 80×86 processor, Hyper-Threading (not supported with 32bit OS)

Supported video card: 16mb VRAM (not supported with 32bit OS)

Supported Memory: 1024MB (1GB supported only if Hyper-Threading is enabled)

Minimum Disk Space: 8MB (free space required as reported by Windows Explorer)

Features of Syslog & Winlog


Compatible with all the listed operating systems and service packs


Portable application (runs from CD or USB drive)

Transparent – Does not alter a single bit of the syslog message

Compatible with all standard Syslog implementations – Linux, FreeBSD, BSD, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX


Can be configured to act as a: NT syslog service, BSD syslogd service, Solaris klog service, IPv6 syslog server, tcp_in and tcp_out service

Multiple Protocol Support

Support Winlog to klog and syslog for backward compatibility

Multiple Protocol Support

Relay messages to any syslog server that implements the native Syslog protocol and has been setup

Multi Protocol Support

Relay messages to any syslog server that implements the native Syslog protocol and has been setup

Captures syslog messages and format them into readable format.

Provides facility of relaying unmodified syslog messages to your backup log server.


What’s New In?

WinLog is a universal syslog log collector and relayer. It captures and relays unmodified syslog messages from different network devices like:
WAN/LAN routers
All kind of managed switches
Hosts with different operating system
It also can relay messages from one host with syslog server running on it. And it has the ability to “tee” (duplicate) these syslogs in its log file. You may get syslogs from WAN/LAN routers, switches and managed hosts for only certain criteria. To that you can apply log filter to limit the incoming messages. It does not filter these messages using any language, but using its own unique mechanism. For example, you can filter messages from “always on” router because it is always on all the time. On the other hand, you will filter messages from host that hosts Windows Server 2003 only for your data-center server. You may use different log filter to capture and relay messages. It means that you can use WinLog as syslog receiver/filter/relayer for managed switches.
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System Requirements For WinLog:

Windows 7/8/10 (32/64 Bit)
Minimal System Requirements:
Mac OSX 10.9 or higher
iPad 2 or newer
iPhone 4 or newer
If the game looks unplayable on your device, make sure to check our system requirements page.
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