Mercedes Das Xentry 11 2012 2012 Torrent Download

Feb 10, 2013
I tried to install Xentry 9.2011 and it installed with no problem.  .
Tried to install 11.2012 – Have had no luck so far.  .
I think the installation is okay since it installed the update for 11.2012, and updated the Xentry but it does not see DAS Xentry.  .
it then downloaded the updates to DAS Xentry 11.2012, and installed them.  .
However the DAS Xentry 11.2012 folder  .
is not there so I cannot see it.  .
it is on my C:/ drive, and I have selected to install it there.  .
I have uninstalled this version and gone back to 11.2011 and it still does not see DAS Xentry.  .
I have tried to reinstall the installation but no luck.  .
Any help would be great, thanks.

Jul 25, 2013
I have DAS Xentry version in DAS/Xentry folder, got it from HERE.
It’s a small guide or anything. I have no more Idea what’s going on.

Jul 29, 2013
I have DAS Xentry version
I followed this guide to install DAS Xentry.

I have encountered error message after installing (DAS Xentry 11-2012)
Here is what I get:
06:59:15 – “Xentry v11” (SUN)

06:59:15 – “Exception: [Exception: Incomplete installation package.]
at install.cpp:462
at install.cpp:461
at install.cpp:447
at install.cpp:443

Jan 16, 2016
the torrent dont include the ess_diag.htm when all files are downloaded. maybe these files can be unpacked.
Dec 2, 2013
some english guys not to use the star_diag.htm file. Where you have this the torrent file?Psalms 68:15

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